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Hay 51 Mensajes de Condolencia para la Familia Díaz.
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Gracias por todas tus finas atenciones, por compartir con nosotros esas interesantes anecdotas de tu vida, por sorprendernos siempre de tu manera visionaria y diferente de ver las cosas y la cascada de ideas que todo el tiempo tenias, a culquier situacion le sacabas un chiste, realmente nos hacias sentir bienvenidos!!! te recordamos con muchisimo cariño y agradecimiento
3 Diciembre 2004 - GDL

Samuel Fosu-Mensah

A great tree has fallen
In fact a great tree has fallen indeed
Therefore security has elluded those who sought refuge from its shades
And are left to the mercy of the scorching sun and torrential rain
Your suden transfer to glory
This unscheduled meeting with Saint Romo Diaz
This gathering with Santiago, Porfillio Diaz, and other great names besides
Has created a vacuum so wide and so deep to be refiiled by anyone

You are greatly missed and shall be missed again and again
You often referred to me as your African Brother
And you acted like a father to me
Both of which were very gratifying to me
Because I have no biological brothers
And my father disowned me when I became a Christian from the Muslim faith
You may never know how much you meant to me
With a heavy heart and swollen eyes
I pray Dios Contigo, mi amigo

We met in 1994, the year I lost my mother
In 1995 I went on my first Medical Relief Mission
Thousands of poor Africans received free medical attention and care
In 1996 We formed ERASE to fight Pornophony on Radio
In 1997 Howard Stern was kicked out of Mexico
We fought well and became enemies without choice with Jacor
We have talked a great deal about things we could have done again
In Ghana, Mexico and the USA to help the poor
We had talked about my return to the States next year
To continue with ERASE, Gospel Ministry and Medical Relief to Ghana and Mexico
Manufacturing and exporting leather goods to the USA

AS Cecil Rhodes has said, So little done, so much to do
David Livingstone had prayed for God to send help to heal Africas open sore
Someone has said, As a day well spent requires a joyful sleep,
So does a life well spent deserves a joyful rest
You have done both very well and deserves the sleep and the rest
Paul said he had ran the race and had fought the good fight of faith
And is awaiting the Crown of Life which the Good Lord will grant him and others besides

Victor Manuel Romo Diaz, fair thee well
You have fought the good fight of faith, Rest well
You have joined the heavenly hosts, well done
You are in the bossom of Abraham
Seated at table with Jesus, the twelve, Saint Romo Diaz, Porfillio Diaz, and your Dad
Reminiscing of the past with your son, telling him all about Jessica and the rest of the family
You are contineosly urging your aging mother
Your lovely wife, Martha
Alex and Jessicca your precious children
Through dreams and visions to keep on keeping on
Because life does not end with you

You are in Gods hands
My African Brother
May His loving arms keep us
And aid to do the right things
Till we meet again
And may those you have left behind never know pain, misery and sorrow
God bless us all. Amen.

Humbly submitted
Your African Brother
Rev. Samuel Fosu Mensah
2 Diciembre 2004

Grossmont College | |
Victor Manuel Diaz was a man of great wisdom, who inspired thousands with his love of classical music and the photographic arts. He leaves a positive and rich legacy for the people of San Diego and Baja California region. On behalf of the Grossmont College community, and our students who benefitted from his generosity, I express our sympathy and condolences to the Diaz family.
29 Noviembre 2004 - El Cajon, CA U.S.A.

Floyd Russell Strout
It was with deep sorrow that I learned of Mr. Victor Diaz' passing away. He will be surely missed by the thousands of San Diego residents who have received so much pleasure listening to such wonderful music. My condolence to his family and friends. Floyd Russell Strout
20 Noviembre 2004 - San Diego, Ca.

En el poco tiempo que lo traté puedo decir un hombre admirable.
Descanse en paz.
18 Noviembre 2004 - Tijuana,B.C.

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