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Hay 51 Mensajes de Condolencia para la Familia Díaz.
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Mensajes de Condolencia del 26 al 30.
José Alfredo Ciccone |
Descanse en paz el visionario, el hombre de bien, el artista, el innovador, el creativo, el bien intencionado, el que "nunca descansó".
29 Octubre 2004 - Tijuana, México

Lisa Stevens |
Alex and family, I am so sorry for your loss. I read about it today and was shocked to realize he was gone, and happy that I had the chance to meet him several years ago on New Year's Eve. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
29 Octubre 2004 - San Diego, CA

Carlos Manzanedo |
Seguro descansas ya en Paz Victor, GRACIAS simpre por tus oprtunidades, sabiduria y tu forma visionaria y "diferente" de hacer lo que mas amaste, Radio. Muchos ahora hacemos intentos de hacer Radio Gracias a todo lo que nos diste. Se que estas bien y que estas en Paz, a todos los que necesitaremos de ti nuevamente un abrazo muy fuerte y grande como todo lo que nos diste y que pronto podamos seguir en lo que nos dejatse. Gracias por siempre Victor!
29 Octubre 2004 - San Diego california, USA

Rick Thomas |
It is with much sadness I read of the passing of Sr. Diaz. I can count on two fingers the people who gave me a real chance at the start of my career, chances that enabled me to become what I am today. Victor Diaz was one. He gave me my first major market shot in early 1990. The competitor, Q106 had something like a 13 share. We signed Z90 on in it's Rhythmic format about April 1990 and the rest is history. Aside from being the last of the great independent broadcasters, Victor was also a genuinely good man. I recall having the flu one winter and still working one of our history making 5,000 car sticker stops at what was then Jack Murphy Stadium parking lot. The combination of the flu and breathing exhaust fumes while sticking stickers for 5 hours really put me under. Victor is so concerned, he shows up at my home with all these top-secret medicines and vitamins from Mexico. He really cared. I ended up working for Z90 three times, two of them for Victor.

You will be missed my friend.

Condolences and Prayers to Sra Diaz, Alex, Jessica and the Diaz family.

Tu Amigo, Rick
29 Octubre 2004

Sue (Susanita) Harland |
In the 17 years I knew Victor; drive, passion and authenticity never ceased to exist in his life. He brought beauty and originality to the lives of thousands.
I am grateful to have known him, and sad that he is gone. I will miss him.
My heart goes out to Martha, Alex, and Jessica.
29 Octubre 2004 - San Diego

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